Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shopping means sewing

Master took me out shopping to buy new clothes for my work. I didn’t have a lot of business casual clothes that wasn’t worn. I needed new pants and my Master indulged me by letting me get a couple new shirts.

I hate shopping for dress pants. I am 5’3”, so I am barely too tall for petite and I am too short for most regular styles. Apparently even though I think I have really large hips, clothing manufactures do not. I tend to find pants in women’s wear that fit around the waist, but look like I have wings around the hip. My best spot to find pants that fit is actually the juniors section and finding something that doesn’t say 12 is sometimes an issue.

This time I did manage to find a pair of pants that sort of worked in women’s wear. The problem was the pants were made for someone about 2 inches taller. When I have enough fabric at the bottom to hem the pants up to fit, then I will often times to that. Hemming pants that are too long is sometimes easier than the epic quest to find the perfect pair of pants.

I did find two pairs of pants that needed to be taken up. I have already sewn the pants to fit me and I am very excited now. I am glad that one of the service skills I have is the ability to sew. It helps not only me with finding pants that fit, but also my Master.

I have been able to repair his clothing problems, his daughter’s clothing problems, and I even made his daughter Halloween costumes. It has been a very helpful skill and allows me to have a greater service to my Master. If my Master woke up tomorrow and decided to have me sew all of my own clothes. I could make that happen. I find sewing relaxing.


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