Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh My!

I realized today I have not had a single blog entry so far this year. I guess you could say I have been slacking. I have been busy. I have been working overtime since my employer decided it was a good idea to make a bunch of system changes. It has been making my old paycheck look good.

My Master and I are doing wonderful. My Master took me out for a beautiful romantic dinner for my birthday in February. He is amazing. It was even better because the restaurant was not busy, so I did not have any noisy people to contend with.

My medication for my GI problems is back on track. My normal GI doctor was able to get me my old prescription. So in the end everything worked out okay.

My cats are doing well. My little boy cat is turning 4 in a couple weeks. It is amazing how time flies.

This month is the month that marks me being active in the lifestyle for decade. I am still coming to terms with this because when I was fairly new I used to roll my eyes at anyone in the lifestyle for over 10 years. For whatever reason, they just seemed a little bit off. Now I am worried that I might be a little bit off.