Monday, July 11, 2011


One of the many things I am not allotted in my life is privacy. My Master has full access to me, including my body and of course my mind. It takes time to be able to truly let go of the feeling of needing privacy. It makes me feel vulnerable and very much at my Master’s mercy.

My Master has done things since the start of our relationship to reinforce my lack of privacy. In the beginning and now, I am required to keep my body hair including my pubic area shaved. My Master says I do not deserve the privacy that would give me.

In the beginning of our relationship, my Master would have me randomly strip in front of him. It was embarrassing and I think he intended it to be that way. It defiantly put me in my place and reminded me of his power over me. Now, I am not allowed to wear clothes when we are at home. It is an odd feeling at times, when I am completely nude and my Master is dressed or when I am naked and collared at the dinner table. I can feel that vulnerability.

One of the things my Master started early on was not allowing me to close the bathroom door while using the restroom. At first my Master didn’t enter the room. Now on occasion he will watch me and make comments on my bodily functions. It reminds me that I am nothing more than his property.

My Master also takes nude pictures and video of me. Sometimes, I enjoy these pictures being taken and sometimes I do not. It is always humiliating to me when we are hiking somewhere and my Master tells me to take off my clothes so he can take pictures of me. I think I have more pictures of myself naked than with clothes on. My Master does have me post nude pictures of myself, some of them I like and think I look pretty while others I do not.

I think to some degree I like posting pictures which my Master likes and I do not more than posting pictures I like. It reminds of me of my place and my status as a slave. I do not get to pick what is done to me. My Master makes those choices.

I think if I had privacy, I would not be as good of slave to my Master. Because I would be hiding myself behind doors, clothes, and anything else I could possibly find. I truly believe that taking away my privacy is one of the best things my Master could have done for me.


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