Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why This Year Sucked

1. I found my step-child’s notebook which outlined her desire to kill me and her hatred/ lack of appreciation for everything I did for her. So we sent her to live with her mother.
2. I am having massive GI problems. I found a doctor and the medication that helped. Then they changed my medication and I am back to square one.
3. I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and my hormones are such that I could have a stroke at anytime.
4. Because of my polycystic ovarian syndrome and my Master’s low sperm count, having a baby is not a good possibility for us.
5. My nice back office job where I don’t talk to customer’s changed to one where I get to talk to customers.
6. I have to talk to customers on the phone at work without a headset. I have a spinal rotation, so the result is severe back pain and spasms. I really need a better job.
7. I found out my big sister really does hate my existence. We didn’t grow up together and we never had a relationship because she has hated me since the day I was born.
8. My Master forgot to put in PTO time for our agreed upon vacation week. I got to sit at home by myself for a week and do nothing. He is off next week for a whole week.
9. I have had no luck with vendors. I ask for product, I pay for a product, and then they don’t want to provide the product I asked and paid for. Then they hassle me about a refund. Really, if you can’t provide the service you were contracted to do then get over yourself and give me my money back.
10. Despite trying every remedy on the internet and suggestion of my vet to get my male cat to poop in the litter box. He still is content with thinking outside the box.

Granted, things could be worse but I really hope next year is better.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My Master has never really been one to like sarcastic responses. He feels that sarcasm is a way of masking the real issue and a sign of disrespect. Sarcasm can allow the person to take the focus off the answer and put the focus on the smart remark.

Smart remarks are never complimented or encouraged because it hurts open communication. My Master wants to know something; sarcasm, no matter how justified I feel it maybe, will help my cause or explanation.

Sarcasm, prior to being owned by my Master and prior to meeting my ex Master, was a part of my life. Being the smart ass made me well liked, but I now know that being well liked does not equal respected. Now that I am more mellow and free of my sarcastic replies I find that people look up to me and they don’t worry about me poking fun at their feelings.

With my former Master, sarcasm was not tolerated either. He always said that the last thing you want to be a SAM, because the other subs love them but the Masters hate them. I asked him once why the other subs love a SAM. He said it was because they say the ignorant stuff that slaves and attached submissives are not allowed to say.

He had an interesting theory, but I don’t find myself wanting to say what a sarcastic slave says. I tend to look at their master and wonder. I think that sarcastic behavior from the slave is a poor reflection on the Master. I always tell myself, I have to think before I respond.

I would rather be the quite on in the corner, than the slave making sarcastic replies to comments and the Master defending it as her spunk.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chores Part 1 of Organization

Getting organized can be a challenging task. Organization is key for maintaining a successful household. Without organization the laundry starts to pile up and we may forget to pay bill or pull something out for dinner. This is actually part 1 of a 3 part blog about building an organization spreadsheet. I decided to separate the blog into 3 parts so it would not become overwhelming for the reader.

We are going to start with chores. We all have household chores and we know they need to be done. The first thing you need to do is make a list of all of the chores you are responsible for, even the chores you put off so they get done infrequently.

My list included things like changing the cat litter, dusting the ceiling fans, laundry, filing, and etc.

The next step is creating an excel spreadsheet, like the one screenshot below. In column A I have the day/task and in column C I have the week of.

Then create a row labeled for each day of the week leaving a few blank rows in between each day so you can add tasks.

Then from the lists of tasks you created earlier sort out the ones that are done daily. In my case, the kitchen is cleaned daily therefore on each day of the week kitchen is listed as a task. If there are tasks that need to be done on a particular day, like trash day, put that under the corresponding day.

Then pick one or two tasks for each day of the week you are working. Do not load up the days you have to work with a lot of tasks. Try to keep the tasks for these days short and easy.

On your days off from work put the majority of your tasks and the any time consuming tasks.

In the week of column and on down the spreadsheet you fill in the weeks going Sunday to Saturday. Next to each task of the given week you will put a yes for completed or no and the reason why.