Friday, June 11, 2010

Willed Ignorance

One question that always floats in the back of my mind, as a slave is if, momentary forgetfulness of given task is willed ignorance. Is this behavior, nothing more than a mechanism by which to receive attention from one’s Master? At the same time is an unwillingness to learn a new task under the banner of “I can’t” nothing more than willed ignorance?

I think perhaps so. Sometimes when I really don’t want to do something. I loose sight of it or I forget minor details about whatever it is I am doing. I think it is a negative characteristic that I have which to become a better slave for my Master must be over come.

When I loose sight of a given task it is brought to my attention by my Master. Something simple I would not have normally received any recognition from is now the focus of my Master’s attention. My Master gives me a correction as a warning and it doesn’t happen again. But I still had that moment of extra attention from him, where I drove him away from what ever else he was doing . This I see as a negative. My purpose is to improve his life, not to further complicate his life.

I don’t as a rule say I can’t do something. I will always at least try. I may fail the first few times but eventually I will get the hang of it and even become good at it. I think that when someone is capable of doing something but refuses with a blanket answer of ‘I can’t’ it is nothing more than simple disobedience. But I can’t help but wonder if by saying ‘I can’t’ is in fact a way for some to opt out of a challenge. So instead rising up to a challenge they avoid the challenge and choose to remain unskilled in the given area. This to me is a form of willed ignorance.


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