Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Focusing Communication

I think communication is important to a lasting M/s relationship, but I think that communication has a limit. I do not believe in telling my Master every tiny detail of my life or “transparency” as it was coined. I think it is important to give my Master a brief overview of what I did in any given day but there is no gain for either of us the information is not shared.

My Master doesn’t know how many times, I went to the ladies room at work or the details of any of the accounts I worked. It is not of an impact on our lives. Now, if something abnormal happened in the ladies room that could signal a problem like increased frequency or pain then that would shared with my Master.

My Master and I communicate about things that are significant. If we spent all our time talking about the clutter in our lives we would never actually be able to work through the important stuff. The things that are the bigger issues we are able to talk through and work it out.

My Master doesn’t often make a determination about what his course of action will be the first time we talk about something. He will think about it then he will advise me of his decision. Waiting for him to make a decision on his own time can be frustrating for me at times. I can be impatient so I have to learn to be patient and wait.

I tend to stay busy when I am waiting for a determination on something. It keeps me focused on my service to my Master and keeps me from trying to force a decision on something that is not my decision to make. I do not want to nag him because that would be acting out of term and being disobedient.

Sometimes when I am not busy and waiting on him my mind will wander and I will think up 101 different scenarios of things that could possibly happen. Of course, I want to share all 101 of my different scenarios with my Mater. Luckily, my Master is here to bring me back down to Earth and get me focused on his decision. He does steer our conversation in the direction of pertinent questions about his decision, not my 101 what ifs.


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