Monday, August 15, 2011

Distractions in Service

Sometimes I ponder about the importance of being able to deal with distractions with my service to my Master. Oftentimes I find myself in the middle of a task and my Master will beckon my attention. I find that sometimes I will pause before I respond. This isn’t out of any sort of disobiedence but rather I am quickly collecting my thoughts so I do not loss sight of the task.

If I did not take a moment as I do I can see how it would be very easy for me to loose sight of what is truely important. It is important to serve my master when he calls me and to serve my Master with my various tasks.

This past weekend for example I was cleaning the window blinds. Three times during my cleaning my Master called me for more coffee. I had to stop what I was doing and then go back to window blind cleaning. Once when I came back into the room where I had laid out the blind I found one of my cats streched out over tye area I had just cleaned. I had to refocus and start a new with this task
I could not let my momentary distraction and the invasion by the cat prevent me from cleaning the blinds to do so would be failing my Master.

I think for me sometimes it is hard to maintain that level of focus when there is so much going on. I do not get the benefit of sitting idle by while I wait for my Master to give a direct order. I can becmome very easily distracted and lose sight of the bigger picture.

There have been times when I have been plugging away at something and my Master will call me and I will completely forget about whatever it was I was doing. I will just completely forget and focus all my energy on him. After I am done doing what he wants I will usually pick up on doing something but I may not remember what I was doing previously for a couple hours.

This is why I feel taking a moment to gather myself is important with keeping me on task. I want to be as efficient, focused, and pleasing as possible for my Master.


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