Sunday, July 25, 2010

1950s Household with a Modern Twist

I consider the household my Master has to be 1950s style with a twist. Our household is led by him, he has the final say, and he is the main breadwinner. We both work full-time, but he also works a second job in the evening. My second job is keeping up the house, cooking meals, and etc. We each have our defined roles and I know my place in the world.

I consider what we have to be a 1950s style household while living in the modern world. I work, not only because I like contributing to my Master’s household but because we need the money.

I manage to pull off mostly everything a 1950 wife and mother did with working. I cook the meals from scratch, I clean the house, I attend school functions, I volunteer at the school, I plan trips with the kid, I sew, I serve my Master, I make items for bake sales, and somehow I still manage some me time.

The only thing I can’t pull off is avoiding day care. When my Master’s child was younger we had to put her in day care because we both worked. She didn’t like daycare. But there are some social advantages to her going to daycare. She was able to socialize with children her own age, which was something I couldn’t give her if she sat around at home with me all day. Since we live in a city we can’t tell her to go outside and play until dinner like they did in the 1950s. If I did that in this day and age, she may never come home. So daycare was and still is the next best alternative.

Is it hard to fit everything in? Yes. Is it worth it? I certainly hope so.


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