Friday, December 16, 2011

Personal Time

As a slave, everything I do is for my Master from sleeping, to doing the dishes, and even having some me time. I do get time to unwind and relax like right now as I write this blog it is my personal time. I am choosing to use this time to reflect on my life and tell my story.

I think that time to myself and my Master having time to him is important. I am extremely introverted, so I do not crave much social interaction. Oftentimes in the evening, my Master will go into his man cave and I will pick up around the house, check out discussion boards online, and my other social networking sites.

I find doing house work relaxing and it is also a service to my Master. Housework is not something that takes my full focus. When I am doing things around the house, my mind wanders about my day. I can organize my thoughts and I can resolve some of the pondering I have been having in a given area. When I am folding laundry or ironing chances are I will be catching up on watching TV.

When I am online on discussion boards or on a social networking site, it is a social outlet for me. Since I am introverted conveying what I am thinking or doing in a written from helps me to be able to relate to people. It also gives me a chance to see how other people interact and what my friends are doing in their lives. It may give me ideas on something to do for my Master or it may make me reflect on how good I have it with my Master.


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