Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anticipatory Service

Anticipatory service can take many forms and can be used either to a small degree or a large degree in a Master/slave relationship. This is when the slave carrying out actions or behaviors that the Master desires. What the slave *wants* to do is not relevant.

Low level anticipatory service is simple things the slave may do for her Master like how she maintains her body. She may have a workout routine she does daily to maintain her body. She may keep herself shaved. She could also view her employment has service to her Master.

High level anticipatory services are the slave having enough knowledge and understand of her Master to be able to know what he wants before he asks. This could be the slave judging by her Master’s actions and behaviors what he would like for dinner, to drink, and how she can please him.

The benefits of anticipatory service are the slave will have expectation of what she is supposed to do each day. The slave may feel a greater sense of purpose. The Master will not have to bother will small reminders and can focus his energies on the larger, more pressing issues.

The con of anticipatory service is the slave could misjudge what the Master is wanting or needing. This may require redirection from the Master. Anticipatory service is not suitable for Master/slave relationships where the Master likes to do micromanagement.

In my relationship with my Master, we practice anticipatory service. My Master absolutely hates micromanagement. So for a large degree I have to be able to look at him and make a judgment call on what he wants for dinner, to drink, and etc. I have had errors but he will simply state what he wants instead.

One area where anticipatory service does not go for us is the bed room. I do not proposition my Master for any sort of sexual act. I wait for him to start sex and/or play time. We feel it is not the slave’s slave to proposition sex from her Master.


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