Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My Master has never really been one to like sarcastic responses. He feels that sarcasm is a way of masking the real issue and a sign of disrespect. Sarcasm can allow the person to take the focus off the answer and put the focus on the smart remark.

Smart remarks are never complimented or encouraged because it hurts open communication. My Master wants to know something; sarcasm, no matter how justified I feel it maybe, will help my cause or explanation.

Sarcasm, prior to being owned by my Master and prior to meeting my ex Master, was a part of my life. Being the smart ass made me well liked, but I now know that being well liked does not equal respected. Now that I am more mellow and free of my sarcastic replies I find that people look up to me and they don’t worry about me poking fun at their feelings.

With my former Master, sarcasm was not tolerated either. He always said that the last thing you want to be a SAM, because the other subs love them but the Masters hate them. I asked him once why the other subs love a SAM. He said it was because they say the ignorant stuff that slaves and attached submissives are not allowed to say.

He had an interesting theory, but I don’t find myself wanting to say what a sarcastic slave says. I tend to look at their master and wonder. I think that sarcastic behavior from the slave is a poor reflection on the Master. I always tell myself, I have to think before I respond.

I would rather be the quite on in the corner, than the slave making sarcastic replies to comments and the Master defending it as her spunk.


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